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If you believe you did not receive a fair trial or fair sentencing, you may believe the justice system has failed you. However, legal remedies can be taken on your behalf to seek to rectify the situation. This area of legal practice is known as post-conviction relief and is available to clients under certain conditions depending on the facts and circumstances of your case and your legal objectives.

At Levin and Javie, our skilled attorneys concentrate the majority of their practice on clients seeking this type of relief. Because of our intensive focus in this field, we have gained valuable experience that can be put to use on your behalf. To enable our efforts in this area, we rely on investigators who also have the experience and skills needed to fortify the cases we take on. Moreover, we are never afraid to take on a difficult or challenging case; we understand that cases are won through intensive preparation, tenacity, honed legal skill, and unwavering effort.

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Types of Post-Conviction Relief That May Be Available to You

Various types of post-conviction relief are available to those seeking a redress of wrongs suffered through the criminal justice system. What type of relief you can seek will be based on the specifics of your case and circumstances. Our firm can thoroughly review your case, looking at all of the factors, to determine your best legal options

Our Philadelphia post-conviction relief attorneys are adept at handling the following types of matters:

  • Appeals, in which you apply to a higher court to review the lower court’s record and findings to determine if legal errors were made that led to an unfair result
  • Sentencing, in which you believe that the sentence applied was unfair or unlawful based on the facts of your case
  • The Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA), that allows you to initiate a petition seeking to obtain a new trial or sentencing based on certain grounds
  • Federal Habeas Corpus that involves a petition claiming that you have been detained in violation of your Constitutional rights
  • Pardons, in which you seek forgiveness for your crimes from the Governor or through the federal government
  • Expungement, in which you seek to have a criminal arrest, charges, or conviction erased from your record
  • Probation matters, such as defense of probation violations or when seeking early termination
  • Parole matters, such as when seeking parole, seeking early parole, or when accused of breaking the terms of your release
  • Wrongful Arrest and Conviction, when you believe these criminal justice processes have been done in violation of law or done unfairly; in cases of false arrest, you can sue law enforcement for monetary damages in a civil rights case

Many of the above wrongful actions involve complex cases that should only be addressed and handled by a knowledgeable attorney who has a thorough understanding of the law and the proceedings that can be carried out to remedy them. Our attorneys understand what is at stake for our clients – their future, freedom, and reputation. We also know what it takes to obtain successful results based on our deep experience and extensive understanding of the laws pertaining to these matters.

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Our firm is dedicated to serving clients with representation that stays current with laws, that aggressively meets the challenges of any case, and that pursues all avenues of relief with diligence, skill, and a commitment to achieving positive results. Few criminal justice lawyers work in this field giving them little experience with such complex matters. That is why we recommend that you contact us if you need an attorney to help you navigate any kind of post-conviction relief in or around the greater Philadelphia area.

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