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Parole, when available as a potential outcome, is a goal for many individuals convicted of a crime and serving their sentences. Parole, however, often comes with conditions that must be adhered to by the parolee. Issues that can arise in the matter of parole include seeking it while incarcerated, being accused of parole violations, or seeking a termination of parole conditions. All of these issues can be addressed and handled by the skilled Philadelphia parole board attorneys at Levin & Javie.

Our firm has an extensive background in handling post-conviction matters, including those involving parole. We bring decades of experience to this practice area, a unique concentration on this field of law, and a dedication to getting favorable results for our clients. We understand that you either wish to obtain parole, move on free of any parole restrictions, or need to defend yourself aggressively against accusations of parole violations. These are all significant issues that we have successfully resolved for clients throughout our history of practice.

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What is Parole?

Parole occurs when you are released from prison before your sentence has expired. It is done at the discretion of a Parole Board that makes such decisions. When released on parole, you are generally expected to comply with specific terms and conditions while being placed under supervision by a parole agency. Should you violate any of these conditions, you can become subject to what is referred to as a “detainer,” depending on the circumstances surrounding the alleged violation. You will generally have to go before a judge who will determine the merit of the accusations and, if found to be true, decide the consequences. These consequences can include being sent back to prison to serve out your original sentence.

In a parole violation case, you should hire an attorney who is well-versed in the state and federal parole guidelines and who understands how the parole laws can impact your life. In representing you, your attorney can investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the accusation and present a strong defense against them. An attorney can also seek to get a detainer lifted through alternative options. These options can include more lenient penalties such as temporary house arrest, substance abuse treatment, or other possibilities.

Seeking Parole or Termination of Parole Conditions

If you are seeking parole or termination of parole, you may also want to consult with one of our parole attorneys in regard to building your case. You will want a criminal lawyer who thoroughly understands the law and how the system works so that you can put your best foot forward. Our firm can build a strong argument based on the facts of your case, what you have accomplished since your incarceration or parole began, and help you prepare for any hearings.

Contact Our Parole Attorney Today

Having an attorney skilled in parole matters can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Our parole board lawyers has extensive experience and will make a dedicated effort to help you achieve the results you seek.

Here are some ways our Philadelphia parole lawyer can help:

  • Review your case: We can review your criminal case and identify any issues or factors that may impact your eligibility for parole. Our team can also review your prison record and recommend steps you can take to improve your chances of being granted parole.

  • Prepare for the hearing: Our firm can help you prepare for the parole hearing by reviewing potential questions and coaching you on how to best answer them. We can also help you gather and present evidence that supports your case for release, such as letters of support, employment plans, and evidence of rehabilitation.

  • Represent you at the hearing: Our parole attorney can attend the parole hearing with you and represent you before the parole board. We can present evidence on your behalf, cross-examine witnesses, and make arguments that support your release.

  • Appeals and post-hearing matters: If your parole application is denied, we can help you appeal the decision or file a writ of habeas corpus challenging the parole board's decision. Our parole lawyers can also advise you on post-hearing matters, such as conditions of release and probation requirements.

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