$85,000 Verdict Against Guard in Prison Assault Case

On January 11, 2022, Jason Javie obtained an $85,000 verdict on behalf of his client, P.P. after he was injured in a brutal attack inside of a Philadelphia Prison. P.P. was an inmate awaiting trial in the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center (PICC) on October 28, 2018. While he was in the dayroom, a prison guard stationed on his unit block met and consorted with several inmates in a fashion that was subsequently determined to be a violation of prison policy.

Thereafter, the guard deliberately left the area while the inmates with whom she was consorting attacked P.P. with homemade knives. The entirety of the guard’s involvement as well as the assault was captured on video. P.P. sustained several stab wounds as a result of the onslaught. In the days that followed, the guard then met with her coconspirators in an attempt to cover up her involvement as well as what actually occurred.

Although an investigation was launched by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, formal charges were never filed against anyone for their involvement in the assault on P.P. Seeking justice for this outrageous violation of his rights, P.P. retained Jason Javie as his counsel. Mr. Javie sued the corrections officer responsible. Following a lengthy period of discovery, the case was called for trial and resulted in an $85,000 award for P.P. While this case is an example of the corruption that can exist in our public institutions, it is also an example of the difference a fearless advocate can make in the fight for justice.

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